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The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry is well furnished organization which extends quality service in every aspect of Intellectual Property Rights. The organization comprises of both prominent legal and technical specialists having broad learning in the field of Intellectual Property rights who offer assistance in this venture.

Cogent enforcement of intellectual property is Strategic as well high-priority crux in elevating economic progress across all industries and globally. Armoring the independent indigenous ideas with sophisticated IPR protection wields a competitive front rank positioning in the big league of realization of IP for start-ups and MSMEs through earlier prediction and enhancing them apparently would trigger social and monetary betterment.

The FICCI-IPFC has been emplaced for the prospect of assisting the Micro, Small & Medium enterprises for the protection and assurance of their IP rights. The FICCI-IPFC will offer quality and cost effective services for making applications for the protection of intellectual property rights of the MSMEs. Proliferating the awareness about the protection of Intellectual Property to the MSMEs is one of the significant tasks of FICCI-IPFC. FICCI-IPFC would be a curtain raiser in managing the intellectual property and intellectual property portfolio for MSMEs.

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